5 for Friday — Links, Stories, & Posts for Your Weekend

November 30th, 2012 by Search Influence Alumni

• What next for SEO? Five search trends for 2013 — The Drum

There were some big changes in the search marketing landscape in 2012, and you’re likely to read all about them in an endless stream of “year in review” posts over the next month. This article focuses on forecasting the major developments of the next 12 months so you can get a jump on the trends of 2013.

•  Glogou Launches Products To Help US Companies Do Search Marketing In China — Search Engine Land

China is the fastest growing market in almost every industry, and it’s no different in Internet marketing. Baidu, China’s version of Google, is partnering with Silicon Valley-based Glogou to create an English-language ad market. As the second largest search engine in the world, Baidu will be a highly sought after marketplace in the near future.

• IBM Study: How to Make Social Work — Marketing Pilgrim

A recent study by IBM may be able to help you improve your efforts in social media marketing. The report defines the three basic goals that marketers should be striving for and illustrates each with helpful tips to get you there.

• Master Google AdWords in 3 Steps With the 80/20 Rule — Search Engine Watch

Can you master the complex world of AdWords in a week, a month, or even a year? Don’t count on it. However, this author has a strategy that can help you jump right in and get positive returns on your efforts. By focusing on what matters most, you can get results like a master.

• The Importance of Marketing Analytics — SEOMoz

This author encourages you to spread your commitment to number crunching analytics beyond the performance of your websites. Here are some tools to help you look past simple web results to measure the performance of your campaign. You’ll be able to answer the question “How did that marketing campaign really go?” with specific data instead of broad strokes.