5 for Friday – Links, Stories & Posts for Your Weekend

July 20th, 2012 by Search Influence Alumni

• Link Building From Scratch – Search Engine Watch

Besides developing your brand, generating content and ensuring usability, building a quality site is difficult enough already without having to worry about links — but with Penguin now in effect, we are now forced to reconsider sites’ foundations. SEW’s Julie Joyce offers a checklist of things to consider when it comes to setting up links for your site to keep it in the game.

• Social Media Policies: What Goes Up Must Go Higher – Social Media Today

For better or for worse, it’s indisputable that social media is here to stay — and it’s necessary. With every business utilizing Facebook and Twitter, how do you leverage this ever-expanding force for the betterment of your company? Bryan Kramer gives us a nice guideline to consider when putting together a company’s social media plan.

• Eyes On Pintrest: How People Look at Your Boards – Mashable

The online digital pin board may represent a standard corkboard, but the site itself doesn’t follow conventional eye tracking like most sites. Brands are seeing a higher trust in their business with posts of products, inspiration, and the occasional cat photo. Sarah Kessler dives into how brands can use this unique aspect of Pintrest to generate more view and likes from customers.

• Google +1 vs Facebook Like: The Similarities and the Differences – Web SEO Analytics

Whenever we read an article on a blog or news site, we are asked the question, “How do I express my affinity for this article?” That’s where that little +1 button or thumbs-up come to play, sharing your expression and endorsement to your followers. This article explores the two iconic ways we use Facebook and Google Plus to share our discoveries with the world.

• Who Has the Better Ad Network? Facebook Vs. Google – Being Your Brand

Wondering which Internet giant is more beneficial for your company’s online marketing? Being Your Brand explores the benefits of advertising with both Google and Facebook and how both can help you reach a company’s target audience.