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July 6th, 2012 by Jeff Ramos

5 Cinco Five Fem Vijf Viis Viisi Cinq Fünf Öt Fimm Lima Cinque Pieci Penki Piatka Cinci Pet BeçWith Siri and New Alliances, Apple Takes on Google Search — FOX Business

Apple has announced that Siri will be getting help from Yelp, Rotten Tomatoes, Open Table and many others in the new release of iOS6. The goal is to bypass Google search and just use this in-house product. Apple is obviously looking to become the winner in mobile search in the next few years.

Facebook Mobile Ads a Hit for Investors, But What About Marketers? — Search Engine Watch

A few weeks ago Facebook launched mobile-only ads, allowing people to purchase them separately from web ads. This article goes over some of the impressive results of Facebook’s major ad partners. It’s noted that while these results are promising, it still may be too early to declare that the trend will continue.

Yahoo Images With Tiled Design, Latest & HQ Images & Getty Images Deal — Search Engine Land

Yahoo’s video and image search tools have gone through some significant changes. Teaming up with Getty Images for this project seems like a match made in heaven, and the results look great so far. This article shows off some examples of the new format.

Is It Time to Rescue Your PPC Campaigns? — Search Engine Journal

This article goes over how you should go for the best results from your PPC campaigns. If executed correctly, your PPC campaign will be successful and your ROI will be as high as you had planned — but if not, you may be facing wasted money and effort. If you are currently running a campaign but not seeing the results you desired, take a look at this for a step-by-step guide to the common errors and best practices.

Twitter Enhances Verified Account Viewing — Marketing Pilgrim

Twitter has now made an improvement on how you to view verified accounts. These pages are mostly celebrities, athletes and users with millions of followers, and many celebs use their accounts for dialogue with colleagues and friends. This update lets you choose to view just the timeline without @ tweets or the full version with them. Will this change make a difference in how you use Twitter?