5 for Friday — Links, Stories & Posts For Your Weekend

January 11th, 2013 by Search Influence Alumni

• How To Blog Successfully About Anything — SEOMoz

Blogging is one of the key aspects of keeping your site fresh and your knowledge cutting-edge, but even the most experienced blogger occasionally has the well run dry. As a corollary to his recent Mozinar, Blogging Like You Mean It, Tanner Christensen takes us through the steps to approaching topics you may find uninteresting or distasteful and spinning them into a sparkling post that’s sure to wow your audience.

• Cover Your Backside in Social Media — Search Engine Journal

For both personal and professional accounts, it’s best to keep it squeaky clean and avoid a whiff of bad mojo that may lose you followers or taint your brand. Many companies are taking liberties with their connections, and the results can be dangerous, losing you money on ads or even costing you a personal account for being overly promotional. Read up on what Andy Nathan has to say over at SEJ.

• Hey, marketers: What if there was no Google? — Search Engine Guide

It’s an exhilarating prospect: a world in which Google isn’t the end-all, be-all of online marketing efforts. In the absence of the search giant, how would we promote our content and services? This interesting thought experiment may yield a few tips you haven’t thought of.

• Infographic: Who Is Using Google+? — Social Times

While its user base is just half that of Facebook, Google+ still has a surprisingly diverse and interesting set of characters to follow. With new features such as Youtube playlists and integrated pan-and-zoom photo capabilities, it’s also becoming quite the media powerhouse. Will you be joining in?

• Google Local Video Listing Spotted in the Wild — Blumenthals.com

If you’re a small business owner, listen up! It seems that Google+ Local is integrating video into their listings: come check out this initial analysis and exciting glimpse into what could be next.