4 Must-Have Chrome Extensions

August 22nd, 2013 by Search Influence Alumni

I have a confession to make–I’m an absent fiddler. At opportune moments, I’ll fiddle with all the settings on my smartphone or rearrange my books according to different categorical flights of fancy (this time, they’re arranged by most recently read). I clean out and purge unnecessary belongings every three months. I’m “that guy.” So naturally whenever I see a new browser plugin or smartphone app that I’ll find useful, I get pretty excited. Over the course of the past year, I’ve collected a few plugins that have really helped my workflow and sate my fiddling desires, and I would like to share them with you.

Google Analytics Debugger
GA Debugger is a pretty nifty plugin a coworker turned me on to. It provides a fairly simple but exceedingly useful service of showing the Google Analytics Debugging code in my browser’s Javascript console.

Ghostery Ghostery Logo
Ghostery is a fantastic plugin that tells you all of the trackers that are on any webpage you visit. It’s very useful to aid in finding out whether I’ve implemented things correctly as well as allowing me to see what’s going on other pages I visit.

Moz Logo Mozbar
Mozbar is probably my most used of this crop of plugins. The plugin reveals the SEO metrics of a page in a very organized fashion. No more fishing through source code!

Check My Links
If you’re not using Check My Links to find out whether a page has broken links on it, then you’re silly. This has been the simplest way for me to find out on a page-by-page basis where a nasty broken link can be found. It has proven incredibly useful for me. I’ve also found it useful in sniffing out any hidden links on a page.