Paid Search (PPC), Facebook, & Display Advertising Pricing


How much does Search Influence charge for paid search & Display advertising management?

When bundled with other services like SEO or social media management, our paid search management fees start at $1,000 per month, plus the cost of ad spend (this also applies to other advertising like Facebook Display and Google Display).

The management fee is a percentage of your total monthly investment in paid media, the same way in which traditional media commissions are billed.

Our typical paid search strategy & setup fee ranges from $3,500 to $5,000 and includes a fully customized setup.

How do agencies price advertising management fees?

The cost of paid search management (running of Google Ads or an “SEM” campaign) can vary greatly from company to company depending on:

  • Skill & expertise
  • What’s included (see below)
  • Expectations of performance
  • Customized vs. canned approach
  • Human review vs. automation

At Search Influence, our setup and ongoing management includes efforts for which some agencies or media companies would charge extra, or, simply don’t offer because they don’t have the expertise or capabilities in house.

Some of the things we include that others may not are:

  • Landing page creation (for most clients)
  • Campaign & ad group strategy that is unique to you
  • Custom written ads
  • Analytics & tracking support
  • Call and form tracking system support

By charging a campaign strategy and setup fee up front, we are able to invest the time to truly understand your business and do the research and setup required to set your campaign up for success.

What factors impact the price of paid online advertising?

  • Competition in your geography & industry: who are you competing with and how much are they willing to spend to reach your audience?
  • Size & segmentation of audience: how large is your audience? How many different groups do you need to reach?
  • Products & services to promote: how many products or services do you want to promote?
  • Your brand presence: how established is your business and how well known are you?
  • Current state of your website: what shape is your website in today?
  • Desired outcomes: how much new revenue do you expect to gain from your efforts?

Can I save money by going directly to Google or Facebook?

You can set up your own campaign directly with platforms like Google Ads or Facebook. Google will even help you get your campaign set up by providing a specialist to help you. But be careful! This includes only the campaign setup and does not include any improvements to your website or analytics support. Once your campaign is set up, it will run on auto-pilot, costing you more in the long run than if you had hired an agency to be accountable for results.

Search Influence is a Google Premier Partner—bringing insights and knowledge to your campaign that are only available to the top tier of Google Partners.

Clients often come to us after they’ve taken a crack at self-managing a paid online advertising campaign and find that they’re just not getting the results they hoped for. Even experienced in-house marketing managers find that they need the specific expertise that Search Influence can provide. We’re proud to say that in every instance, we’ve been able to improve the results and efficiency of the campaigns.

The 3 most common mistakes we see in self-managed campaigns are:

  • Spending too much
  • No tracking of conversions or new customers
  • Paying for clicks for irrelevant keywords

Can I pay you a one-time fee to set up a campaign?

We believe it would be a disservice to our clients to set up their campaign and hand it over. We are willing, however, to provide one-time support in other ways, including:

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