Step One: Conduct A Search Engine Optimization Audit.

This is a great starting place if you already have a website and you’re not quite sure how effective it is.

An Exclusive Offer For Progressive Agents

We will conduct a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization Audit and analyze many of the factors that are affecting your agency’s online visibility.

Our recommendations will be based on improving your overall presence on Google, which maintains over 65% of search engine market share. Search Influence will fully review, analyze, and provide specific recommendations on on-site and off-site factors.

  • On-site Factors:
    • Domain age
    • Internal linking
    • Site speed
    • Title tags
  • Indexing and access
  • Technical site structure
  • Image optimization
  • Content quality and uniqueness
  • Off-site Factors:
    • Current links to your site
    • Social signals
    • Major directory listings

You can have this comprehensive audit for only $300.

If you decide to work further with us after receiving your audit results, we will reimburse you with a $300 credit to use towards your SEO package.

*The results of this audit are heavily based on the use of third-party tools. Some tools report slightly differently than others. The degree of impact of each of the following factors has been estimated based on Search Influence’s historical experience only.

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