Why we love working at Search Influence

At Search Influence, our employees are passionate about helping our customers—businesses of all sizes—successfully market online. We get excited about developing the tools, technology and the experts to get the job done well. Hear from fellow Influencers! Check out Search Influence reviews from some of our employees.

Paula Keller - Search Influence“What I love about working at SI are the genuine connections I have built with my work family and clients. Knowing that I have a huge impact on my clients’ businesses and the success of the company keeps me motivated to be my best. I’m always looking for learning opportunities and they’re provided every day through hands-on experience and continued training.”

Shauntae Joseph

Account Manager


Paula Keller - Search Influence“I love coming to work each day and seeing the uniqueness of my fellow co-workers. Whether it be their unique personal style or the way they decorate their work space. SI encourages us to be who we are while working toward the common goal of meeting or exceeding the goals of our clients. This allows everyone to bring their unique style and thoughts during problem solving which I think leads to better results.”

Shane Kretzmann

Senior Software Engineer


Paula Keller - Search Influence“Working in a field where best practices and standards are quite elastic, Search Influence has provided the support and training to grow professionally and expand my expertise on a near daily basis. The chance to develop my digital marketing skills while helping businesses, locally and nationally, is what I appreciate most about working here.”

Cory Agular

Digital Marketing Analyst


Paula Keller - Search Influence“The most rewarding part of working at Search Influence is supporting people — team members and clients — to grow and kick butt in whatever they’re doing, whether that’s helping a new team member learn the digital marketing ropes, or helping a client to reach new heights in their business. We are a passionate group who want the best for our clients and I love that every team member is willing to challenge one another in their pursuit of that.”

Alison Zeringue

Director of Account Management


Paula Keller - Search Influence“One of the biggest highlights of working at Search Influence is the amount of knowledge that is absorbed while working, regardless of what department a team member works in. It is also very interesting to see how the efforts we put into a client can have such a positive impact on their business.”

Jared Jones

Web Developer


Paula Keller - Search Influence“As a New Orleans native, I have always wanted to make positive contributions to our city’s economy. Working at Search Influence since 2009 has allowed me to work hard every day building a great business in New Orleans while providing an impactful service to businesses all over the country.”

Paula French

Director of Sales & Marketing


Jeff Ramos - Search Influence“I enjoy collaborating with my co-workers here at Search Influence. There is a big sense of teamwork which makes SI a great place to work.”

Jeff Ramos

Digital Marketing Team Lead