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31 Questions to Ask Your Potential Marketing Agency

Choosing the right agency shouldn't give you a headache

Ask These Essential Questions Before Hiring a Marketing Agency

Now that you’ve decided to hire a marketing agency, it’s time to find the right match. Your agency will be portraying your company’s brand and message to the public, so mutual trust is crucial. This is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Download our guide that outlines 31 questions to ask a potential agency during the evaluation process. By immediately establishing your priorities and going beyond an agency’s credentials, you can avoid conflicting goals, values, and unwanted surprises in the future. (Hey, and if you aren’t sure about how your current agency would answer them, it may be time to ask them!)

Our questions will help you identify a team that:

  • Works well with your internal stakeholders (marketing team, board of directors, owners, etc.)
  • Has the experience that matches your needs
  • Sets clear reporting expectations
  • Outlines the confidentiality of your information

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